Thursday, July 21, 2016

Cowabunga Bay With The Best Orthodontist. And Pikachu Escapes.

Generally when we get invited to an after hours, private event at Cowabunga Bay, the weather tends to be overcast and windy and we don't get into the water very much.  Anyone who's ever been to Cowabunga Bay knows that the water is very cold, and the only time I find myself wanting to submit to it is if it's a very hot day.

Every summer our orthodontist, Watson Orthodontics, holds an appreciation event for his patients and their families at Cowabunga Bay.  Last night we went with tentative feelings due to our last three or four experiences with cold weather.

Luckily (?) for us, Utah has been in dry streak of 100* F weather.

And the water was perfect for such heat.

If you need an orthodonitst, we highly recommend Watson Orthodontics.  (This is not a paid post, we just really like him).

Yesterday The Man sprained is ankle and wasn't up for a lot of walking around at the water park, so we found a nice shady spot to take the ebb off the heat, and sat and watched the kids swim around the lazy pool.

As life goes, I've picked up on the trending Pokemon Go from the kids.

And I like it.

Not so much that I need to battle Pokemons, because, what is that all about anyway?  I have no idea.  But what calls to my addictive soul is the ability to collect them all.  I just want to fill in all those numbered slots with the different Pokemon pictures and know that I got every single one.

So it's on.

And they were all over Cowabunga Bay, while I sat in the shade with The Man, and the kids swam in circles.


This morning in my car Pikachu himself made an appearance in front of my house.  And I caught him.  Only to have him escape, but I had run out of pokeballs from catching him the first time so I couldn't do it again.

That, my friends, is no way to start a morning.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Days of '47 Rodeo

If you're from Utah, then you know that the Days of '47 is kind of a big deal. 

Like, we became a State, big deal.

As it should be.

(Though it leads me to the question: do any other states celebrate their stateship the way we celebrate ours?)

And if you're from Utah, then you know there are two grand events that make up the celebration that is ultimately the "Days of '47", the week long rodeo event, and the giant, huge, televised parade.

Having grown up in Utah, I'm ashamed to say that I have actually never attended either one.  

Until this year that is.

It didn't hurt that we were able to sweet talk our way into the Mayor's suite either.  Truly invited by him, but without tickets to get past the usher...

Name dropping can get you places.

Cali and Tayler learned a lesson that sometimes the sweetest character can be in a pretty rough appearance.

Even if they do have particularly large and slimy tongues.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Easter: San Rafael Swell

Easter is the holiday that begins our family's love/hate relationship with spring.

Easter, the weekend we shake the winter dust off the camping gear and start dreaming of warm weather and campfires.

Easter, the weekend when we begin to see that glorious light at the end of long winter tunnel.


We have high hopes for Easter.

In past years we've made our Easter trek south to Sand Hollow, where we knew we would be south enough in the state to avoid snow storms.  This is Utah and it does tend to snow until mid to late June, so late March to early April is a given.

But this year we decided to try something new and headed east instead.  We decided to check out part of the San Rafael Swell and see what that had to offer us.

We weren't disappointed.  Long day rides, new books from the Easter bunny (a must), card games with Papa Mike, and the first campfire of the year.

We were set.

Also, proof that Easter miracles do happen.

Our campground was set right next to an incredible canyon overlook.

Pictures never do the grandeur justice.

Thanks for the kick-off, Easter.  Thanks for the fresh air, stars, and butterfinger donuts.  Thanks for the time with my family.

And thank you for the reminder of my Savior.  Isaiah 49:16.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Over the Weekend: Dogs in Soccer, First in Dance, and It Begins: Prom. Oh Yeah, With a Side Dish of Llamas.

Over the weekend we:

1. Won a soccer game
2. Took first in a dance competition
3. Got asked to our first date/school dance/prom
4.  Watched my ex bring llamas to the park

Overall I would say it was a pretty positive weekend for The Circus.

Tayler's soccer game did not come with a side order of rain, though it did come with gusty cold wind and a dog being chased by a dog catcher through the middle of the field.  Nice dog.  Poor dog catcher.  Didn't phase the players... too much.

Brynn started taking dance this year, and we are wrapping up the season with her performances.  The first was a dance competition over the weekend where her team took a first place ranking.  I was grinning like a fool at her beauty, and dying a little inside at how grown up she's becoming.

I took the recording with my phone, which wasn't liking the lighting situation on stage so it didn't get super clear.

She's still beautiful.

On Saturday night, midnight to be exact (okay, 11:40 to be exact), there was a loud knock on our door.  The Man and I stumbled downstairs, half asleep, wondering what in the world was going on.  One peak out the window and I knew.

Our lawn was glowing, and I mean literally glowing.  It had been covered by glow sticks.  On our porch was a sign.

The Man grumbled, "Tell Max he's in trouble for waking me up" and went back upstairs.  I went downstairs to wake Cas up.  This wasn't something that could wait until morning; she needed to see the glow.

Since she was heading back to her dad's house for two weeks on Sunday, we needed a quick turn around answer to give back before she left.

She backed a large cupcake, filled the center with frosting, and slipped in a note that read: "It would be sweet to go to prom with you."

We don't do anything small at our house, apparently.  Her first date, her first dance, hey, let's make be a prom.

She is also getting too grown up.

Sunday afternoon we joined West's family at the park for a picnic.  We pulled out all kinds of balls, checked out the crazy booths that were set up, and ate lasagna and cheesecake.  At one point my ex showed up to pick Cas and Brynn up to take them home.

With llamas in tow.

I can't repeat any more emphatically than I already have in numerous posts that I am so glad that isn't my life anymore. And for that reason I can sit back and laugh at this picture.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

French Students Eat At Gourmandise.

Some school field trips are worth calling in "late" for.

You know, the type of field trips that start your day with French pastries and bagel sandwiches at Gourmandise.

It's not too shabby when the head chef goes to serve you your order of pastries and demands, in his heavy French accent I might add, "Are you a student?  Order in French!"  He was having much too much fun in harassing the timid students in their rudimentary use of the French language.  I was laughing too much about his accusation that I was a student.

Come on now.  Wrinkles and all?

No French for me, thanks.  Or I'm sorry? Because those pastries were totally worth it.

The time with Jayme was too.

When I was in Jr. High and taking a foriegn language the French students took a field trip to the illustrious La Caille every year.  The Spanish students took a field trip to the taco stand down on Magna main.

I was a Spanish student.  

And I considered it a win.

Gourmandise would have made me change my mind.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

And The Winner Is: Sean.

Tonight was the Avid Film Festival in the which Sean was part of making a film that was presented.

And then won best short film of said festival.

Excuse my cell phone pictures.  Who are we kidding, are there any other kind any more?

You can check out the genius of the short film here:

Sean, when you're a rich and famous internet sensation, remember who feeds you dinner.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A Rare Day Alone.

In the name of days that can be selfishly taken all for myself, I think there would be a few ways I would choose to spend it.  First and foremost I say set me on a beach, or poolside, with palm trees and a really good book and that's all I really need to declare the day perfect.

Another way would be on an adventure with my family, exploring something or somewhere new and just enjoying a "first time" experience with the people who are mine.

I would also take a day of creating.  I have no end of projects that I want to work on: let me get my hands into a new cake design (here or here), or onto the house that I'm turning into a witch house, or how about a new painting?  I've dabbled with some watercolor recently, but have two ideas for a canvas that I really want to get rolling.  I also have three makeups rolling around in my head and a brand new airbrush that I really want to play with.  I have a couple of sewing projects (tweaks, because let's face it, most of my "sewing" happens with a hot glue gun) that are piled up next to my sewing machine as well.

I found myself with a rare opportunity to be home alone today, and I knew that I did not want to waste it with errands and cleaning like I usually do when I find myself with free time.  Free time is such a relief when you feel you have so much to catch up on, but frankly, today I wanted to catch up on the things that make me happy.

The biggest and most urgent project I have pending is my happy space.  My space where I will make all my creative magic happen.  My space where I can lock the door and all my supplies will be left untouched by children thieving hands.  My space that is all my favorite things and colors and I didn't have to compromise with The Man on the decoration of, and use of space in (though normally we decorate well together so I'm not actually complaining about that, it's just my space).  With all the projects that I want to work on, the one thing I'm missing is a great space to do it in.

Since we moved the three big girls out of the room they shared in the basement (here), and spread them out in the bigger portion of the basement (because teenage girls need room), The Man graciously turned over the now empty room for my use (we'll ignore his pile of stuff taking up a full wall of one side of the room... for now).  The room has been mine for over a year now, but it's just been filling up with clutter.  It's become the catch all of things we don't know where to put.  Not to mention all my different art supplies, and the lack of any type of organization bins or shelves or anything.  Also, kids.  Kids who use said supplies and then leave them lying wherever they feel like... all over the floor and counter.

Plus, the paint in the room is still catered to 9 and 10 year old pre-teen girls.

The room is more of a stress pit for me than a creative, safe haven.

So today, in my rare day off, the only errand I ran was for chick-fil-a lunch and Coke while I rolled up my sleeves and got to work.  I have a very clear vision of one wall that has a counter attached to it.  I'm using the leftover gray paint from when we painted the office (gray being my favorite color) and will paint the wall gray, covering the pre-teen rockstars who loved music so much, and will hang my giant antique mirror on it.  This will become my makeup space.  West gave me an incredible makeup box for christmas so all I need is a stool for my models to sit in and an air compressor and that space will be set up prime for makeups.

But while I'm thinking about it, I feel I also need a shelf along the top of the wall so I can display all our wigs and hats on styrofoam heads.

I plan on creating zones throughout the room for my different projects.  The makeup zone will be the perfect beginning.

Also, I've watched an embarrassingly high amount of Face Off. today.

All in all, my hands are covered in paint and my head is full of makeup daydreams.

I declare today's rare day alone a success.
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