Wednesday, June 6, 2012

strange animals in our house

It would seem that when The Man is left home alone with The Circus, we end up with strange animals in our house.

Like the hawk (here).

Last night I headed over to the Maverik Center right after work to catch Ballison's graduation (more on that later.  Go Ballison!).  While I was sitting in my chair, waiting for things to begin, I pulled out my phone and started browsing facebook.

I saw that The Man had posted this:

"Kids found this dog in our yard if any of you neighbors know who it belongs to."

I closed my eyes for a minute and groaned.  The facebook conversation went like this:

Me: "Why do all of the lost dogs end up in our house?"

Julie-Mom: "You have a lot of kiddos to bring home stray dogs and every kid wants to do that. Love it."

West: "Granny (Suzann) was over at the time plus 6 kids so of course we had to take it in. Haha"

Cas: "Dunno Mom"

We have had far more than our share of lost dogs end up in not just our yard, but our house.  And then we're left calling numbers on tags and trying to reach out of town owners and dog sitters.

This little guy had no tags.  When I got home I could see that he was obviously a very neglected dog.  He was filthy, his fur snarly, and West said he had been very hungry.  The Circus had gone around knocking on doors trying to find the owner, but no one was claiming him.

So now what?

I looked at The Man.  He said, "Well, at least they didn't bring a hawk in the house..."

I sat there for a minute.

"They didn't bring a hawk into the house, you did."

We already have half a dozen kids and two dogs.  I can't take on another dog, nor do I want to.  I'm not a general love every animal type of a gal.  I'm pretty particular and picky about the types of animals that I have in my personal life, and I think admitting to that is responsible of me.  I know I'm not drawn to taking care of all animals, and even though my heart goes out to this little guy, I'm not going to have an attachment to him.  I know this.  That being said, I'm still an animal lover in the general sense that I will take care of this guy until we can find a good place for him, and I will put in the effort to find that good place for him.

We've posted him on our facebooks, we have an ad up on ksl, and now I'm telling you here, if you feel you can help this little guy out and give him a good, safe home, and you're in the Salt Lake area, hit me up.  Let's chat.  We even have a small dog kennel that you can have with him.  While The Circus was out knocking on doors looking for the owner yesterday, someone gave them the kennel for it.

Why?  I have no idea.  Thanks?

You would think by now that I would learn my lesson about leaving The Man home alone with The Circus. 

That'll teach me... ;)

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Tyler 'n Jen Eborn said...

I love this...I can't get HT on board to have one single pet, yet you have the same amount of kids (and more often than we do), 2 dogs, and the occasional stray 'friend' that shows up! Maybe West will be good for HT. ;)

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