Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Prank on the Lake... Setting Teenage Boys Adrift

Sometimes when you're at Lake Powell, and you know there are teenage boys sleeping on the water trampoline, it's too much temptation for you to resist.

So before bed you take note of how those teenage boys have anchored themselves, and where all the knots are tied, so in the morning, you'll know what needs to be done.

Then you wake up with the first morning light, before anyone else has stirred, except your wife because, frankly, you've waken her up with your excited movements getting out of bed.

You've slept in your swimsuit, which is nothing unusual for this type of trip anyway, so you're ready.  You peel of your t-shirt and grab the tube from the beach and wade in to where the anchor has been set close to shore so the trampoline won't drift off.

You pull the anchor from it's sandy grasp and place it in the tube so it will float along with the tramp.

You continue on to untie all other necessary knots that are keeping the tramp secure in it's nightly spot.

Then you swim to where the trampoline is floating, with the still sleeping boys on it, and you begin to push it away from the houseboat, where it was nestled.

And you swim it out a good bit of distance in hopes that it will get caught in an out going current, so the boys will wake up in the middle of the lake (but we will still be able to see them and keep an eye on them).

 As luck would have it, that trampoline was pretty insistent on catching currents that were coming in instead of out.

By this time the entire houseboat was awake and sitting on the back deck of the boat, watching the floating progress of the boys, in high hopes that they would float somewhere, anywhere, than back towards us.  After swimming the trampoline out three or four times, you decide that a new plan must be made.

The houseboat is beached near a bend.
You take the trampoline and swim it around the bend in the beach.
Now, when the boys wake up, they will be literally only a short walk down the beach, but because of the bend, they won't realize that.
They won't be in sight of the houseboat and will wake up disoriented.

And that's exactly what happened.
You decide it's time for those boys to wake up so you get on the wave runner and fly by them, fairly close.
The boys hear the wave runner, and thinking they're still safely tied to the houseboat, begin to wonder what sort of a person would drive like that so near someone else's houseboat.

They sit up and for a few wild seconds look around them, not recognizing anything, and most definitely not being tied to the houseboat as they had thought.

While we hid out of sight and took pictures. 
Finally they spot one of the teenage girls on the hill, and being the teenage boys that they are, begin yelling, "how are we supposed to get back?  I'm going to kill you!"

Things begin to make more sense to them as you pull up on the wave runner to tow them back to the houseboat.

And since it wasn't one of the teenage girls who "lost" them, but you who did it, they can't help but laugh about it in the end.


Jamie Newman said...

That's pretty funny!

Julie said...

That would be so fun.

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